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L.A. Fire Department plans further reductions in fire staffing

LA Times

To help erase a $30-million budget shortfall, it will decrease by seven the number of fire companies that are on duty across the city each day on a rotating basis.

New Louisville video campaign shows dangers of police work

Kentucky Courier-Journal

The camera moves forward giving you the view of a police officer approaching a van on a dark street as the voiceover describes the potential dangers the officer may face.

Mourning and Outrage

Lowell (Mass.) Sun

Middlesex DA: No notification that Woburn officer's killer was up for parole

Price of a traffic ticket going up $4

LA Times

Fee is being added to help pay for air transportation of critically ill patients and is the latest increase imposed on drivers.

'Crash taxes' are growing in popularity among cash-strapped California cities

LA Times

Drivers who cause accidents in at least 50 cities can be billed for the police and firefighters who show up. Critics are upset that cities are charging for what used to be a basic service.

Killed in the line of duty

Washington Post Editorial

THEIR AVERAGE AGE was 41, their average length of service was nearly 12 years and, on average, each left behind two children.

Downtown crime drops 2.8% for the year

LA Downtown News

Crime Rate Falls Again, Down 11% From 2008

Homicides fall in large American cities

USA Today

When Washington debates whether America is safe, the focus now is usually on the increasing threat of terrorism — not violent crime.

Keeping L.A. safe

LA Times Op-Ed

The City Council and the Board of Supervisors need to find the money to keep an adequate number of law enforcement officers on the streets for an adequate number of hours, or the gains of recent years won't be maintained.

Reward offered in South LA Christmas murder


New developments in the investigation of a Christmas shooting that killed a South Los Angeles mother as her daughter watched. There's now a reward in the case.

A true city of angels?

LA Times Editorial

For the first time since the late 1960s, Los Angeles appears on course to finish the year with fewer than 300 murders. And the crime statistics suggest further progress is possible.

Killing of veteran officer in Massachusetts leaves colleagues stunned

Boston Globe

After 34 years on the police force, John Maguire had finally put in his retirement papers.

Line-of-duty deaths rise 37% this year

USA Today

The number of law officers killed in the line of duty across the United States jumped 37% this year, reversing two consecutive years of steep declines, according to a report released Monday by a national police advocacy group.

Don't fire guns to celebrate New Year's, warn deputies and officers

LA Daily News

With a handful of reports of celebratory gunfire around the city in the first few minutes of Christmas Day, Los Angeles police and sheriff's deputies today are warning people about shooting into the air to ring in the new year.

Killing in L.A. drops to 1967 levels

LA Times

Homicides decline despite the faltering economy. The absence of a major drug epidemic may be a key reason.

Van Nuys homicide victim was resident of Lancaster, authorities say

LA Daily News

A man fatally shot while driving in Van Nuys was identified Saturday as 29-year-old Lancaster resident.

Burglary team stripping vacant L.A. buildings bare

LA Times

One alleged member is arrested at a 1928 Art Deco tower where the thieves had spent days ripping out copper wiring from walls, stripping transformers of wire and stealing pipe and sprinkler heads.

State DMV weeks behind in issuing driver's licenses

Pasadena Star-News

A delay in production for the new California driver licenses and identification cards has doubled the turnaround time to receive the new cards, an official said.

Video footage of medical marijuana dispensary robbery released by LAPD

LA Times blog

Los Angeles police released security video footage Thursday of three men who shot and wounded two employees during a robbery earlier this month at a Northridge marijuana dispensary.

City must rethink policies instead of cutting LAPD

LA Daily News Op-Ed

In recent weeks, the Los Angeles Police Protective League has been calling on city leaders to revisit policy decisions that are forcing Police Chief Charlie Beck to staff critical administrative jobs with sworn police officers and, in two months, will have him put nearly 90 of them to work as jailers.

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