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L.A. might allow residents to park in front of their driveways

LA Times blog

It’s a situation that many Angelenos have faced: You’re trying to park. It’s your own residential street. Home turf. But there are too many cars, so you end up half-blocking your own driveway. Then you get a ticket.

Masks so realistic they're arresting the wrong guy

LA Times

A white man who robbed Ohio banks looked so convincing in a black-male disguise that an innocent man was held. That's not exactly how SPFXMasks of Van Nuys had intended its masks to be used.

Parolee leads cops on high-speed chase

LA Daily News

A parolee at large led police on an approximately 50-minute chase through the San Fernando Valley today, occasionally driving on the wrong side of the street, before surrendering.

LAPD, Police Commission defend handling of racial profiling cases

LA Times

But the department's inspector general pinpoints areas in which the department needs improvement. Last month, the Justice Department accused the LAPD of falling short in addressing profiling complaints.

Servers at downtown restaurants can help discourage theft during holidays

LA Times blog

To cut the number of thefts in downtown Los Angeles this holiday season, the LAPD is enlisting waiters and waitresses in scores of restaurants to ensure that patrons do not leave their cellphones, iPads and cameras unattended and easy pickings for light-handed crooks.

Masked gunman attacks woman in Westchester


Police need the public's help catching a masked gunman who attacked a woman in her own home in Westchester on Monday night.

3 drivers fled scene of fatal Rampart area hit-and-run


Authorities are turning to the public to help nab a suspect in a fatal hit-and-run that happened last week in the Rampart area.

LAPD trying to avoid civilian layoffs

City News Service

Los Angeles Police Department officials vowed today to do everything they can to avert proposed layoffs of civilian employees, but some of the city's budget analysts expressed skepticism amid a growing deficit.

Beck responds to report critical of how LAPD handles complaints

LA Daily News

Warned by federal officials that the LAPD is inadequately investigating racial profiling complaints against officers, Chief Charlie Beck and a civilian watchdog on Tuesday defended the agency but acknowledged there is still work to be done.

The Los Angeles Police Department Selects Spacenet to Keep Officers Connected Throughout the City

Business Wire

The Los Angeles Police Department Integrates Spacenet’s Emergency Communications Service And Satellite Equipment Into Its Mobile Command Vehicle.

Woman to stand trial in stabbing death of 10-year-old in San Pedro

Torrance Daily Breeze

A woman accused of fatally stabbing her 10-year-old daughter at Fort MacArthur in San Pedro was ordered Monday to stand trial on a murder charge.

High court's prison case: It's about money

California Watch

The federal courts ordered California to release some 40,000 inmates to improve medical services; the state is challenging that order, which has put the issue before the top court.

Panel opens discussions on proposed LAPD budget cuts

Torrance Daily Breeze

A Los Angeles City Council panel opened discussions Monday on a proposed series of cutbacks in the LAPD designed to reduce an $88 million budget deficit.

Oakland Police Department shrinking fast

San Francisco Chronicle

Sound the alarm - Oakland's Police Department is shrinking so fast that it doesn't have enough officers to cover some patrols and many of its investigative units have been stripped to the bone.

Councilman Tony Cardenas seeks new anti-crime strategy

LA Daily News

Prompted by constituent complaints, City Councilman Tony Cardenas has demanded that Los Angeles police craft a new plan to quash pockets of crime in his northeast San Fernando Valley district.

LAPD stamps 'Closed' on nearly 100 cold cases

National Public Radio

On the night of Feb. 24, 1986, John Ruetten came home to discover his 29-year-old bride dead.

Skid Row Injunction Moves Forward

LA Downtown News

Judge Orders LAPD to Enforce Drug Dealer Crackdown

LAPD civilian workers may face layoffs

City News Service

Facing an $87.84 million deficit over the remainder of the fiscal year, the city's top budget analyst today recommended eliminating 225 civilian positions in the Los Angeles Police Department and moving firefighters out of Haz-Mat squads.

Daily News editorial: The police union's call for a summit should be heard and expanded upon

LA Daily News Editorial

THE union representing police officers in the Los Angeles Police Department is absolutely right that the department's resources and growth plan need a re-examination.

Slain Riverside officer beaten on head with metal bar before being shot, court records say

LA Times blog

A Riverside police officer slain last month after pulling over a trucker was hit several times in the head with a metal bar before being shot, according to new court records.

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