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LAPD: Time For Overtime?


Stop hiring new officers and give the current ones overtime pay. That's the position of the Los Angeles Police Protective League. President Paul Weber joins Fred Roggin to discuss whether overtime pay in lieu of new officers fulfills the department's duty to protect and to serve.

Where are the police we paid for?

LA Times Op-Ed

Increased garbage fees were supposed to put more hundreds more officers on the street. But that hasn't happened.

Marine who shot at CHP officers gets 14 years

San Diego Union-Tribune

A Miramar-based Marine who shot at California Highway Patrol officers during a short pursuit in East County last year was sentenced Wednesday to 14 years in prison.

LA police union's call for hiring freeze draws praise, fire


The chairman of the Los Angeles City Council’s Public Safety Committee praised the police union Wednesday for urging a freeze on hiring new L.A.P.D. officers - even as Police Chief Charlie Beck denounced it.

LAPD staffing debate being re-examined

LA Daily News

Reviving the debate over the size of the LAPD, the head of the police officers' union called Wednesday for a summit on the future of the agency and how it should cope with the ongoing budget crisis.

Multiple murder suspect had benefited from three-strikes leniency

LA Times

After several nonviolent third strikes, John Wesley Ewell didn't get life in prison as he could have. Now, he's accused of killing four people in the South Bay.

Police union wants L.A. to restore overtime instead of hiring more cops

LA Times

Chief Beck opposes the idea, saying it's not in the public's interest.

Drug use found in 33% of killed drivers

USA Today

Bruce Holloway was turning into his driveway in Mount Juliet, Tenn., in April 2009, when he was struck and killed by Brian Duffey.

More evidence that inmates should serve their entire sentences

Desert Sun

On Nov. 7, Riverside Police Department officer Ryan Bonaminio, 27, was shot to death after pursuing a suspect in a hit-and-run accident who fled on foot into Fairmount Park. Rubidoux parolee Earl Ellis Green, 44, was arrested two days later on suspicion of murder.

Colton cops cite safety in PR blitz

San Bernardino Sun

The city's police union launched a public information campaign Monday, aimed at notifying the public about 16 officers who may soon be laid off and the impact such cuts could have on the community.

Driver cams: Safety tool or the road to loss of privacy

Sacramento Bee

Smile at the windshield – and say cheese?

Gang related? Maybe ZIP code matters

LA Daily News

Councilman Tony Cardenas, despite misgivings by those in Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's office, has taken the lead in the City Council on developing anti-gang programs.

Wait times drop for cellphone 911 calls in California

LA Times

After years of call centers not being able to keep up with emergency calls from wireless phones, the number of such calls not getting through fell to just 5% so far this year.

Widow's long wait for justice continues

LA Daily News

When grief intersects with anger, sparks fly.

Chicago officer slain while investigating car break-in

Chicago Tribune

Evidence technician is 6th Chicago cop to die violently this year.

LAPD plans holiday crackdown on jaywalking and other offenses

Downtown News

Shoppers cruising the Historic Core for gifts this holiday season, be warned: If you cross the street against the blinking red light, or forego a crosswalk altogether, the LAPD will stick its special brand of coal in your stocking.

Texas Cop Traveling to Oklahoma for Thanksgiving Killed While Assisting Stranded Motorist


An off-duty Texas police officer's last act was to push a man out of danger as a car sped toward them Tuesday in McIntosh County, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol reported.

Police issue warning on thieves who steal vehicle's seats

LA Daily News

It's not enough to hide your GPS units, laptops and sunglasses when you leave your car to prevent thieves from breaking in. Now you'll have to hide your seats, too.

Kamala Harris wins attorney general's race as Steve Cooley concedes

LA Times blog

More than three weeks after he declared victory in the race for state attorney general, Los Angeles County Dist. Atty. Steve Cooley conceded defeat Wednesday as he trailed by more than 50,000 votes in one of the closest statewide races in California history.

Colorado deputy killed in shootout


The Weld County Officer who died in a shootout Tuesday was remembered as a great deputy, a faithful friend and a loving husband.

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