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Widow's long wait for justice continues

LA Daily News

When grief intersects with anger, sparks fly.

Chicago officer slain while investigating car break-in

Chicago Tribune

Evidence technician is 6th Chicago cop to die violently this year.

LAPD plans holiday crackdown on jaywalking and other offenses

Downtown News

Shoppers cruising the Historic Core for gifts this holiday season, be warned: If you cross the street against the blinking red light, or forego a crosswalk altogether, the LAPD will stick its special brand of coal in your stocking.

Texas Cop Traveling to Oklahoma for Thanksgiving Killed While Assisting Stranded Motorist


An off-duty Texas police officer's last act was to push a man out of danger as a car sped toward them Tuesday in McIntosh County, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol reported.

Police issue warning on thieves who steal vehicle's seats

LA Daily News

It's not enough to hide your GPS units, laptops and sunglasses when you leave your car to prevent thieves from breaking in. Now you'll have to hide your seats, too.

Kamala Harris wins attorney general's race as Steve Cooley concedes

LA Times blog

More than three weeks after he declared victory in the race for state attorney general, Los Angeles County Dist. Atty. Steve Cooley conceded defeat Wednesday as he trailed by more than 50,000 votes in one of the closest statewide races in California history.

Colorado deputy killed in shootout


The Weld County Officer who died in a shootout Tuesday was remembered as a great deputy, a faithful friend and a loving husband.

Harris nears victory in attorney general race

LA Times

Republican Cooley would have to receive two-thirds of about 154,000 votes still uncounted to defeat the Democrat. But a GOP consultant notes that if a recount is sought, the formal result won't be known for some time.

Police issue warning on burglars in West Hills and Woodland Hills

LA Daily News

Police on Tuesday warned residents to be on the lookout for burglars using distraction schemes to get into homes in West Hills and Woodland Hills.

When it comes to social media, you never know who might be watching


As police officers, we’ve known for a while now that some of the best places to catch criminals bragging about their illegal activities are social media networks like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and YouTube.

Teamwork praised in dramatic river rescue


Close coordination between police and fire crews was credited Monday for saving the life of a man swept into the Los Angeles River one day earlier.

Suspect arrested in DMV scam, victims sought


Police say the suspect offered driver's licenses and social security cards for $3,000.

Harris-Cooley race still tight as counties scramble to count ballots

California Watch blog

Even as the number of uncounted ballots dwindles, the outcome of the California attorney general’s race has not become more certain.

FBI releases 2009 hate crime statistics

FBI Press Release

Today, the FBI released 2009 statistics which indicated that 6,604 criminal incidents involving 7,789 offenses were reported as a result of bias toward a particular race, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity/national origin, or physical or mental disability.

LAPD field-testing three-wheeled electric patrol vehicle

Police Magazine

The Los Angeles Police Department is now field-testing the Vectrix VX-3, a unique three-wheeled electric patrol vehicle that will be available in the spring.

Holiday shoppers beware of car break-ins


With the shopping season starting to pick up speed, parking lots and shopping centers are becoming very busy places. But the holiday shopping season also means crime.

Criminal profiling vs. racial profiling

LA Times Op-Ed

LAPD officers will utilize crime data, including ethnicity, to identify possible suspects. But there is no place for racial profiling in law enforcement.

Beck marks a year as L.A.'s top cop

LA Times

When he was appointed chief a year ago, there was reason to think he was walking into a mess. But the 33-year LAPD veteran has emerged as a deft manager who has kept officers' morale up during difficult times.

Officers find ways to carry on

Riverside Press-Enterprise

Riverside police Capt. Michael Perea knows the pain will never go away.

Convicted Marin child abuser to be released on supervised parole

CBS5 - San Francisco

A Marin County man who was convicted of neglecting and abusing his 12 children, one of whom starved to death, will be released on supervised parole Monday, the Marin County District Attorney’s Office said.

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