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CHP targeted enforcement will crack down on drivers breaking the state's hands free cell phone law

Mercury News

If you talk and drive, use a hands-free device or be prepared to meet your local law enforcement officer.

Cities brace for massive prisoner reentry

Simi Valley Acorn

State may release 40,000 inmates in next two years.

Shameless: Justice Department Warns LAPD over Racial Profiling

Pajamas Media

Holder's DOJ shrugged at direct evidence of voter intimidation in the New Black Panther case, but it has no problem accusing L.A. cops of engaging in discrimination on the basis of a single conversation.

An LAPD to be proud of

LA Times Editorial

Sound management and wise public investment have produced a more responsive Police Department and a dramatic drop in crime.

SoCal shopping centers ranked for vehicle thefts, burglaries


With Christmas around the corner auto thieves are gearing up for their shopping season… And it could be your car at the mall.

Huntington Beach might post DUI arrests on Facebook

LA Times

City officials are looking for a new way to keep the information in front of the public as a deterrent, now that the local newspaper has stopped publishing it.

Los Angeles Police Department argues nonprofits are better than handouts on Skid Row

The South Los Angeles Report

Los Angeles City Councilmember Jan Perry and members of the Los Angeles Police Department met Thursday at the Midnight Mission Homeless Shelter to raise awareness about how to channel efforts and resources to better help the homeless community.

LAPD nabs bank robbery suspect on bus


LAPD officers responded to a report of a bank robbery on the Westside of L.A. Thursday evening.

Police file suit over retirement cap

Monterey County Herald

Pacific Grove police filed a lawsuit against the city alleging unfair labor practices, breach of contract and violation of the city charter and state constitution because of council approval of a voter-generated cap on retirement benefits.

'L.A. Confidential’ s' James Ellroy To Host True Crime Show About L.A.'s Dark Past

LA Weekly

L.A. has got to be America's, if not the world's (sorry Paris), preeminent city of noir.

Just-released sex offender rearrested on parole violation in Orange County

LA Times blog

A sex offender released from prison Wednesday after serving 25 years for abducting and molesting two girls was rearrested a short time later in Tustin for violating his parole.

L.A. Sports Stadium Project More Important Than Libraries, Police, Firemen?


The 2010 elections are now history. If there was any lesson from this Republican tidal wave that swept across the country it is that the vast majority of Americans are furious at the overspending and flawed leadership of our politicians.

Attorney general race down to L.A. County

Inland Valley Daily Bulletin

While 8 million Californians voted in the state's attorney general's race, about 300 Los Angeles County election workers will decide the fate of a race "too close to call."

L.A. cops prepare to face off against N.Y.'s finest in charity boxing match

Whittier Daily News

Nearly 20 cops from the Los Angeles area and New York are preparing to trade blows in an annual boxing match to benefit cancer research at the City of Hope.

Charlie Beck celebrates his first year as LAPD's top cop ... with positive reviews

LA Daily News

With crime continuing to drop and no major scandals on his watch, Police Chief Charlie Beck celebrated his first year leading the Los Angeles Police Department on Wednesday with mostly positive reviews.

LAPD Union Says Racial Profiling Among L.A. Cops A Myth

LA Weekly

After the U.S. Department of Justice expressed concerns this week that some LAPD officers might be up to their old, racial-profiling ways, the union that represents L.A. cops called b.s. on the notion.

NRA explains changes to police carry law

Police Magazine

LEOSA amendments signed by President Obama better clarify active and retired officers' concealed carry rights in all 50 states, according to the NRA.

Slain Riverside Officer Ryan Bonaminio pleaded for his life, officials say

LA Times

District attorney files first-degree murder charges against Earl Ellis Green and is weighing whether to seek the death penalty.

LAPD contemplates adding Jindo pups to K-9 force

LA Daily News

The two newest recruits to the Los Angeles Police Department aren't very interested in doing police work. Instead, they seem more interested in chasing a ball, wrestling, lolling in the grass and basking in the attention of bystanders charmed by their cuteness.

Harris increases lead over Cooley in attorney general race

LA Times blog

San Francisco Dist. Atty. Kamala Harris’ lead in the race for California attorney general continued to grow Tuesday, making a possible comeback appear increasingly difficult for her rival, Los Angeles County Dist. Atty. Steve Cooley.

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