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Sex offender task force criticizes residency restrictions in Jessica's Law

San Francisco Chronicle

A task force created to help California develop a comprehensive approach to supervising sex offenders has taken aim at a controversial portion of a state law that restricts where paroled sex offenders can live.

Police recruits screened for digital dirt on Facebook, etc.

USA Today

Law enforcement agencies are digging deep into the social media accounts of applicants, requesting that candidates sign waivers allowing investigators access to their Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Twitter and other personal spaces.

8 alleged Valley gang leaders indicted by grand jury

LA Times blog

A grand jury indictment was unsealed Friday against eight alleged leaders of the Canoga Park Alabama street gang, who face conspiracy and extortion charges that could send them to prison for life.

Speak up to spare public safety funds

LA Daily News Op-Ed

ANOTHER blow to quality of life and public safety in the city of Los Angeles was delivered to Angelenos with the recent announcement that a number of Los Angeles police officers will be taken off the streets to work in the new city jail located in downtown.

A child's death in no-man's land

Pajamas Media

Few parents fret over the prospect of their child getting shot in the backyard. What kind of a place must it be where they do?

Grieving community honors slain officer

Riverside Press-Enterprise

Hundreds of families, law enforcement officers and members of the military gathered in the streets around the Riverside Police Department on Thursday night for an emotional candlelight vigil to honor slain Officer Ryan Bonaminio.

Steve Cooley clings to slim lead in California attorney general's race

LA Times

The Los Angeles County district attorney is ahead of San Francisco Dist. Atty. Kamala Harris by about 28,500 votes out of more than 8 million counted so far.

200 extra LAPD officers deployed at sports arena raves

LA Weekly blog

Raves attract crime. That much is clear. So do football games, rock concerts and even some family fairs.

Suspect held in slaying of Riverside police officer

LA Times

Earl Ellis Green, 44, of Rubidoux was arrested at a Target store and held on suspicion of murder and a parole violation in the death of Officer Ryan P. Bonaminio.

Largest public employee union finally has a contract

San Francisco Chronicle

The members of California's largest public employee union overwhelmingly ratified a long awaited contract with the administration of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and the state today.

LA City Council ignores Arizona boycott, buys police Tasers from Scottsdale company


The Los Angeles City Council voted today to keep buying police Tasers from an Arizona-based company, despite the city’s economic boycott of that state.

LAPD Cold Case Featured on America’s Most Wanted


The America’s Most Wanted website and Facebook page will feature a Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) cold case today at 2 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

Former parole agent: Dept of Corrections dysfunctional and broken

City Watch

With the arrest of Phillip Garrido in August 2009, the entire nation learned how broken the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) had become.

Kamala Harris-Steve Cooley count still ultra-tight

San Francisco Chronicle

It's been seven days since the election, but in a highly unusual situation, the outcome of California's attorney general race remains up in the air - leaving political observers perplexed and the campaigns of Steve Cooley and Kamala Harris waiting anxiously for counties around the state to complete their ballot counts.

GOP candidate maintains lead in Calif. AG contest

Associated Press

Republican Steve Cooley is keeping his lead over his Democratic opponent in the too-close-to-call attorney general's race.

Council members call for study of police deployment

LA Daily News

SAFETY: More officers are doing work of civilians as budgets are cut, report says.

Hunt on for suspect in slaying of officer

Riverside Press-Enterprise

A 27-year-old Riverside police officer who served two Army tours in Iraq was shot to death near the entrance of Fairmount Park on Sunday night while running after a man who had been fleeing a hit-and-run accident in a stolen truck.

Los Angeles has safest 'Big City Neighborhood' In America

Huffington Post

Living in Los Angeles, we seem to be bombarded daily with news of the latest tragic crime.

Improving port safety, business

Torrance Daily Breeze Op-Ed

As one of the world's busiest waterways, the bustling Port of Los Angeles and the areas surrounding it present a major crime-fighting challenge for both the independent harbor police force and the Los Angeles Police Department.

Cooley has lead, but state attorney general race still too close to call

Torrance Daily Breeze

Republican Steve Cooley maintained his lead in the tight race for California attorney general Monday, although the last unresolved contest for statewide office remained too close to call nearly a week after Election Day.

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