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San Diego slain officer mourned; family of dead suspect offers condolences

San Diego Union-Tribune

A veteran San Diego police officer was mortally wounded in a gun battle Wednesday night that sparked a seven-hour SWAT standoff at a Skyline apartment and ended with the discovery of two bodies surrounded by firearms in a bedroom.

LA's crime fighting females


Being a cop in Los Angeles is a dangerous job dominated by men.

Nearly 90 LAPD officers to be reassigned from street patrol to jail duty

LA Times

The transfers will allow the department to open a new jail facility in February that has been unused for more than a year because of staffing shortages. A police union leader objects.

Body of Slain LAPD Officer To Arrive From Afghanistan Today

City News Service

The body of Los Angeles Police Department Officer and Marine Corps Reserves Staff Sgt. Joshua J. Cullins will arrive aboard a plane landing at Los Angeles International Airport today.

San Diego police officer killed in apartment gunbattle

San Diego Union-Tribune

A San Diego police officer was mortally wounded in a barrage of gunfire Wednesday night after he and other officers kicked down a door inside a Bay Terraces apartment.

Assault on transgender woman in Hollywood caught on tape; five suspects sought

LA Times blog

Los Angeles police investigators are seeking five suspects in connection with an attack on a transgender woman in Hollywood that left the 25-year-old victim bloodied and battered with a broken jaw and cheek bone.

Parents of LAPD officer killed by bomb had feared for his safety

LA Times

As a Marine reservist disarming roadside bombs in Afghanistan, Joshua Cullins knew he had one of the most dangerous jobs on Earth. He died just two days before he was to be reassigned.

Deaths of Lakewood (Wash.) officers sparks new police training initiative

Seattle Times

The tragedy of last year's murders of four Lakewood police officers is being cited by U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder in announcing a new Department of Justice initiative aimed at helping police survive violent encounters.

Investigators try to make sense of shooting

KTBS Shreveport

Authorities investigating Sunday's fatal shooting of Shreveport police Sgt. Tim Prunty believe they know what happened that night.

Man sentenced to 12-year prison term for running down undercover officer


A man who rammed his car into a Los Angeles Police Department narcotics officer nearly three years ago and seriously injured the officer was sentenced today to 12 years in state prison.

Staff Sergeant Joshua J. Cullins, RIP

Patterico's Pontifications

Joshua Cullins, an LAPD officer assigned to Central Division, was killed last week in Afghanistan’s Helmand Province, where he was serving as a staff sergeant in the Marine reserves.

Body of LAPD officer killed in Afghanistan to return to LA


The body of a 28-year-old Los Angeles police officer and Marine reservist killed while serving in Afghanistan will be returned to Los Angeles this week, police officials said today.

Mentally ill prisoners get a second chance

LA Times

Mental health courts are operating in 29 California counties, helping offenders and reducing crime in their communities.

Immigrant vets face deportation despite service

Associated Press

When Rohan Coombs joined the Marine Corps, he never thought one day he would be locked up in an immigration detention center and facing deportation from the country he had vowed to defend.

Plainclothes sheriff's deputies patrol the city's transit system

LA Daily News

On many of Los Angeles' busiest boulevards, luxury cars carry the pretty and the famous to homes high in the Hollywood Hills.

Government job cuts ravage California

LA Times

State, county and city agencies, beset by plunging revenues, make their biggest payroll cuts in decades, and more layoffs are ahead, analysts forecast.

LAPD commander says Watts Towers may be the only viable place for a Watts skate park

LA Times blog

Capt. Phillip Tingirides of the Los Angeles Police Department says he understands why people who cherish the Watts Towers as a work of art, as a landmark and as one of the few attractions that can pull tourists into Watts are unhappy with a proposal to install a $350,000 skateboarding park in the towers’ shadow.

For this LAPD officer, a different type of quick draw

LA Times

For nearly two decades, Daniel Calderon has created expressionistic paintings of the lawbreakers and street scenes he encounters on his Newton Division beat. Now he's focused on his most challenging subjects: his fellow officers.

Retired LAPD cop knows the force inside and out

LA Times

Connie Gordon joined the LAPD when black officers were a rare thing. He helped it change but knows as a civilian that it hasn't changed enough.

L.A. braces for more Obama gridlock

LA Times

The president will be at USC on Friday in support of U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer's reelection bid. As during his visit in August, traffic is expected to be gnarly.

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