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Group asks court to stop early release of inmates

San Diego Union Tribune

Representatives from a crime victims advocacy group argued in court Friday that a new law allowing the release of some prison inmates before they complete their original sentences violates victims’ constitutional rights.

Police Officer Jeff Corbin creates new cop TV series "Medal of Valor"


After realizing that he was an actual police officer auditioning for the role of a cop, casting director Ellen Lewis responded, “You know the scene, do what a cop would do in real life”. “Stand back and let me show you how it’s done!”

Police search for men who followed, choked, and raped teenager


Two men are wanted in the attack and rape of a teenage girl who was walking home from a festival this summer.

Holder to break ground for DC's new police museum

Associated Press

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder broke ground Thursday on a National Law Enforcement Museum in the capital that will put police officers in the public eye and promises such exhibits as Al Capone's bulletproof vest.

New Credit Card-Use Parking Meters Raking In The Dough

City News Service

New parking meters that allow motorists to pay with a credit card may be turning into a cash cow for the city of Los Angeles.

Steve Cooley gets funding boost from law enforcement organizations

LA Times blog

Three major law enforcement organizations have opened their wallets to boost Republican Steve Cooley's campaign for attorney general.

CHP, local police target distracted drivers


If you chat on the cell phone in the car without using a hands-free device, better watch out. Law enforcement officials are cracking down on distracted drivers — including hand-held cell phone users.

LAPD officer injured during pursuit in Inglewood-Hyde Park

LA Times blog

A Los Angeles police officer sustained a head injury Thursday afternoon during a foot pursuit near the border of Inglewood and the neighborhood of Hyde Park.

L.A. County Sheriff's Department says homicide rate lowest since 1975

LA Times blog

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department touted a continued decrease in homicides Thursday.

Raid on ex-convict's home uncovers weapons cache

Associated Press

A police raid on an ex-convict's Southern California home has uncovered a weapon's stockpile, including at least 21 high-powered firearms and body armor.

LAPD identifies suspect in 1994 Studio City slaying

LA Times blog

Los Angeles police identified a man Wednesday who allegedly shot and killed a septuagenarian from Studio City two decades ago during a burglary gone bad.

Missing Fresno girl found by LAPD

CBS47 Fresno

Fresno Police say 4-year-old Tiffany Matias was found at her grandmother's house in Los Angeles.

Cooperation helped track down suspect in killing of bride-to-be

LA Daily News

After an 81-day search that took authorities up and down the state and over the Mexican border, a man suspected of murdering a Valley Village bride-to-be was captured thanks largely to community help, police said Wednesday.

Debate rhetoric gets personal

Sacramento Bee

Talk about issues turned personal Tuesday in the final debate of the governor's race, as candidates Jerry Brown and Meg Whitman traded barbs on issues ranging from capital gains taxes to illegal immigration.

Whitman and Brown's final debate a contentious one

LA Times

In a blistering final debate, Democratic candidate for governor Jerry Brown apologized to his Republican counterpart Meg Whitman on Tuesday for a slur directed at her by an associate, an apology that Whitman did not explicitly accept as she cast his campaign as insulting to all Californians.

LAPD releases details on officer shooting of Watts man

LA Times

Police say James Davis, 18, had pointed a handgun at officers while fleeing during a chase at the Imperial Courts housing project last week.

Summer program lowers gang crime

LA Daily News

Summer program lowers gang crime: Gang-related crimes plunged 40 percent on average – and more than 80 percent in some areas – around parks and recreation centers that were part of this year's Summer Night Lights program, it was announced Tuesday.

LA County to extend immigrant jail check program

Associated Press

Los Angeles County supervisors have voted to extend a program to have sheriff's officials screen inmates' immigration status.

L.A. Cops: Callous cowboy kills three in late-night crash

America's Most Wanted

For more than 14 years, Los Angeles cops have been searching for a man who they say is responsible for destroying three lives in the blink of an eye.

Man arrested for allegedly posing as teen online to have sex with underage girl

Torrance Daily Breeze

A Harbor City man who allegedly posed as a teenager to contact underage girls on the Internet engaged in sexual relations with a 14-year-old girl, police said Tuesday.

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