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Whore-Gate: Who’s in Bed With Jerry Brown?

Pajamas Media

Why would the union that represents LAPD officers even think of endorsing liberal Jerry Brown to reprise his disastrous turn as California's governor? Because politics is full of compromising positions.

Man pleads not guilty in murder-for-hire case

LA Daily News

Burbank resident allegedly sought to kill L.A. officer for impounding car.

Meg Whitman "Whore" Controversy: Los Angeles Police Union Official Appalled

LA Weekly blog

The Los Angeles police union official who received the voicemail in which Jerry Brown or his aide called Meg Whitman a "whore" said Friday that he was appalled by the remark.

High cost of crime

NY Times Op-Ed

When times get hard and talk turns to spending and budgets, there is one area that gets short shrift: the cost of crime and our enormous criminal justice system.

California enters 100th day without a budget

Associated Press

California entered its record 100th day without a budget Friday as state lawmakers worked through the night without reaching final agreement on a plan to close a $19 billion budget deficit.

Budget would remove felons from home care jobs

LA Times blog

The budget package lawmakers are set to vote on Thursday includes new rules that would restrict violent felons from working in the state's massive home healthcare program.

LA police: Pharmacy driver kidnapped, drugs stolen

Associated Press

Two robbers dressed as police officers held up a pharmaceutical delivery truck Thursday and kidnapped the driver before stealing its entire cargo of drugs, police said.

LAPD to honor fallen Hollywood officers

Torrance Daily Breeze

The Los Angeles Police Department will hold a ceremony at 10:30 a.m. Saturday to honor seven officers killed in the line of duty while assigned to the Hollywood station.

LAPD defends officers in fatal shooting of suspect

Torrance Daily Breeze

Police officers who fatally shot a suspect holding an assault rifle were in an unmarked car and wearing "full police uniforms," Los Angeles Police Department officials said in a statement released tonight.

Villaraigosa says city to target domestic violence

LA Daily News

Citing his own childhood experience with domestic violence, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa announced Wednesday a beefed-up effort by the LAPD to address the issue.

L.A. police commissioner's role questioned in domestic abuse case

LA Times blog

The role a Los Angeles police commissioner played in the domestic abuse case of a popular sports columnist raised questions of whether she faced a conflict of interest, said the head of the city’s police union.

Dramatic changes to California driver's licenses beef up security

Sacramento Bee

State officials on Wednesday unveiled a dramatic new design for California driver's license cards, using technological advances they say put the state years ahead of counterfeiters.

LAPD identifies suspect in 1994 murder case

LA Times blog

A suspect has been identified in a 1994 murder case in which a 73-year-old Studio City man was slain by a burglar, Los Angeles police said Wednesday night.

LA officers inject $450K on behalf of Whitman's campaign

The Bay Citizen

The independent expenditure by a PAC comes after candidate adopts favorable pension plan.

San Jose receives $7.1 million grant for 16 police officers

San Jose Mercury News

The San Jose Police Department has learned it is among 379 law enforcement agencies in 51 states and territories that will receive part of a $298 million grant from a U.S. Department of Justice program that creates or preserves law enforcement jobs.

CHP: Drunken-driving deaths decline for the fourth year in a row

The Californian

The California Highway Patrol announced today that the state recorded a decline in deaths due to drunken driving this past year for the fourth year in a row.

LAPD: Fewer people In Los Angeles want to become officers

LA Weekly

In this Great Recession, with unemployment in Los Angeles County at nearly 13 of every 100 people, you'd think that folks would be murdering each other to get at the head of the line for a gig as an LAPD officer.

LA gets more sex offenders

LA Daily News

Residency restrictions in neighboring cities have forced an influx of sex offenders into Los Angeles, where the difficulty in housing them has led to a spike in homeless parolees, police said Tuesday.

Deportation of criminals is up, say feds

Sacramento Bee

More illegal immigrants with criminal convictions are being deported in recent years, driving up the number of people being removed from the United States, according to data from the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Valley to the Westside See Crime Increases


L.A. Times Crime L.A. database was triggered in five West Valley neighborhoods.

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