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Vallejo cops share public's unease

Vallejo Times-Herald

Longer emergency response times irk not only Vallejo's residents, but also its police officers.

Budget woes force Chula Vista police layoffs

10 News San Diego

Thirty-three Chula Vista Police Department officers were laid off Thursday as part of the latest round of job cuts that have plagued San Diego County’s second biggest city.

Oakland Police Chief to fight crime with data

The Bay Citizen

[Oakland] PD Chief Tony Batts presented his long-term plan last night to a cash-strapped City Council that was forced to lay off 80 of his officers in July.

Accountability works both ways

Police Magazine blog

It’s not hard to separate dumb cops from their badges. But separating politicos from office who pass unqualified judgments against us is another matter.

L.A. on track for record-low number of killings, police chief says

LA Times blog

Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck said Thursday that the city is on pace to finish the year with fewer than 300 homicides, which would mark about a 75% decline in killings since the city’s peak in the early 1990s, reaching a low not seen in several decades.

Ventura County to restrict inmates' mail

LA Times

As of Oct. 4, inmates can send and receive only postcards. Officials say the policy will cut costs and staff burdens, as well as the risk of contraband weapons, drugs and coded messages sneaking into the jails.

18 arrested in sweep of San Gabriel Valley's Red Door gang

Pasadena Star-News

Authorities targeting a San Gabriel Valley-based Asian crime syndicate arrested 18 people Wednesday morning indicted on drug trafficking and international marriage fraud charges.

LA judge orders 2 men to stand trial for deputy's slaying


A Los Angeles judge today ordered two alleged gang members to stand trial for the August 2008 slaying of a sheriff's deputy, who was gunned down outside his Cypress Park home as he was about to leave for work at Men's Central Jail.

Reward offered in post-prom slaying

Torrance Daily Breeze

Reward offered in post-prom slaying.

LAPD threatens to arrest cyclists after incident at Ralphs parking lot

LA Times blog

Los Angeles officials vowed to arrest and prosecute cyclists for incidents like the one Friday night in which hundreds of riders swarmed a Ralphs parking lot and broke out beer and marijuana, with some riding into the store and through the aisles.

Fight to resume California executions intensifies

San Jose Mercury News

With California prosecutors pushing full speed ahead to resume executions after a hiatus of more than four years, a federal judge in San Jose on Tuesday suggested he may not have the power to block the state's effort to put a condemned Riverside County killer to death next week, despite an unresolved legal challenge to the state's lethal injection procedures.

Seeing through a cop's eyes

LA Times

A run through the LAPD's deadly-force video simulator offers a new perspective on officer-involved shootings.

Talks collapse as Santa Barbara police union, city officials battle over retirement benefits

Santa Barbara Daily Sound

Sgt. Mike McGrew accuses Santa Barbara city administrator Jim Armstrong of hiding money.

U.S. faces $6.6 trillion retirement gap


There's a $6.6 trillion gap between the pensions and retirement savings of U.S. households and what they should have to maintain their living standards in retirement -- and the gap is growing.

Cell, iPod distractions leading to crimes


Police say there is a growing problem with thieves and muggers preying on people distracted by the high-tech gadgets they're using. They're warning people to be more aware of their surroundings.

Recession officially ended in June 2009, but California still struggles

Sacramento Bee

There – feel better now? The recession was declared over Monday.

Chula Vista may have to lay off police officers

CBS-8 San Diego

When it comes to fighting violent crime, Chula Vista is one of the safest cities in California.

Health reform changes rolling out this week


Six months after Congress and President Barack Obama overhauled the nation’s health care laws, some of the first major provisions are set to take effect later this week.

Meg Whitman talks pensions, prisons, unions with Bee editorial board

Sacramento Bee

Republican gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman told The Sacramento Bee editorial board this morning that, if elected, she'll negotiate with the three biggest public employee unions to create 401(k)-style retirement plans for new state workers.

Greater enforcement is key for distracted-driver laws, recent crackdowns show

Washington Post

Send police on a mission and they will catch a bucketload of people violating laws against cellphone use behind the wheel, but laws without enforcement seem to get ignored.

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