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Greater enforcement is key for distracted-driver laws, recent crackdowns show

Washington Post

Send police on a mission and they will catch a bucketload of people violating laws against cellphone use behind the wheel, but laws without enforcement seem to get ignored.

Appeals court overturns injunction against executions in California

LA Times blog

A state appeals court Monday removed one of the few remaining impediments to the resumption of executions in California, helping clear the way for the lethal injection of an inmate later this month.

$50,000 reward to be offered in fatal South Park shooting

LA Times blog

Police plan to announce a $50,000 reward Monday for information on the shooting death of a 23-year-old woman in South Park.

Police union issues strong rebuttal to state Sen. Romero's remarks on Jamines shooting

LA Times blog

The union representing Los Angeles police officers lashed out Monday with an unusually personal, strongly worded retort to comments by state Sen. Gloria Romero (D-Los Angeles) regarding a recent fatal shooting by an LAPD officer.

Senior California state workers axed, then spared

Sacramento Bee

The California Department of Consumer Affairs last week told 23 of its oldest employees – including one who is 81 – they must retire by the end of the year, having for years overlooked a state law requiring them to retire when they turned 65.

Thousands of state inmates shut out of the classroom

California Watch

Fewer than one in every ten California inmates are enrolled in an educational program, despite a pledge by state officials to enhance rehabilitation efforts in order to cut recidivism and relieve prison overcrowding.

SWAT officers gathering in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

If you spot an out-of-town SWAT convoy rolling through Downtown [Pittsburgh] this week, it's probably not an emergency, but it would be best to get out of the way.

Police protests draw modest crowds downtown

LA Daily News

Protests against the police killing of a Guatemalan day laborer continued Saturday when a smaller-than-expected group of demonstrators marched downtown and in the Westlake area, accusing the Los Angeles Police Department of brutality and harassment.

Parade peaceful in wake of unrest

LA Daily News

Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck was joined by about 50,000 people at Sunday's 27th Central American Parade in Los Angeles, an annual street fair that was somewhat overshadowed by recent friction between police and some factions in the MacArthur Park area.

Honoring the women who protect and serve

LA Times

The Legendary Ladies, retired female LAPD officers, meet to celebrate Fanchon Blake, whose 1973 lawsuit opened the department to equal status for women.

Officers' poor memory is deemed no reason to dismiss traffic tickets

LA Times

LAPD memo warns that police will be disciplined if they ask for citations to be voided because they can't recall the details.

Police arrest suspect in LA pot dispensary killing

Associated Press

Los Angeles police have arrested a second suspect wanted in the killing of an employee at a medical marijuana dispensary.

Schwarzenegger won't seek CalPERS loan

Sacramento Bee

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, meeting Thursday to discuss the state budget with legislative leaders, abandoned a proposal to borrow money from the California Public Employees' Retirement System to balance the spending plan.

Cries for vengeance against L.A. cops who shot knife-wielding thug

Pajamas Media

Manuel Jamines went after the responding police with his blade, but the mob wants the cops on trial for murder because he was "unarmed."

Chere Osmanhodzic Murder Case Inspires LAPD Union To Say We Told You So

LA Weekly blog

Suspect Saw An Early Release Despite Record

Fundraiser held for LAPD in military


A fundraiser for a Los Angeles police officer and U.S. Marines veteran wounded in Afghanistan was held Thursday night.

Video cameras to be added to Oakland police wardrobe

Oakland Tribune

Guns, radios and coming soon as tools of the trade, clip-on cameras.

California drivers still texting despite law

LA Times blog

California drivers are still sending text messages from behind the wheel, despite a state law banning the practice, according to an Auto Club study released Wednesday.

Sunshine Kids Shine Bright


With the LAPD Concert Band in full symphony, 24 children from the Sunshine Kids were sworn in as honorary police officers for the day.

Court backs DNA testing as condition of federal bail

Sacramento Bee

In the first decision of its kind in the nation, a split appellate court has ruled in a Sacramento case that DNA testing is a legitimate condition of release on bail for a federal defendant charged with a felony but not yet convicted.

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