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Cops honored during Canoga Park ceremony

LA Daily News

LAPD Officers Brian Harris, Hector Nunez and James Woods were among those honored with the 10851 VC award at the LAPD Topanga Community Police Station in Canoga Park on Wednesday.

U.S. Forest Service ranger attacked in Angeles National Forest above Azusa

LA Times blog

A U.S. Forest Service ranger assigned to the east fork of San Gabriel Canyon above Azusa was assaulted Wednesday afternoon in a what authorities called a "bizarre and seemingly unprovoked attack."

West Hills man suspected of helping grow $24M worth of pot in park

LA Daily News

A West Hills man suspected of helping grow an estimated $24 million worth of pot in O'Melveny Park was facing a possible felony today.

Infant skeletons found in Calif. basement trunk

Associated Press

Two infant skeletons wrapped in 1930s newspapers and placed in doctor's bags were found inside an unclaimed steamer trunk by a woman cleaning out the basement of a 1924 building that's being converted to condominiums, authorities said.

Missing 13-year-old found in good condition

LA Daily News

A missing 13-year-old San Fernando Valley girl was found tonight, about an hour after police held a news conference about her disappearance.

Lease out parking garages, or else ...

LA Daily News

BUDGET: Revenue from city structures needed to avert loss of 1,000 jobs.

Heavily armed man orchestrates attack on Texas police building


A heavily armed man opened fire on a public safety building in McKinney, Texas, on Tuesday and attempted to ignite explosive substances in his truck before he died in an exchange of gunfire with law enforcement, police said.

Police networking helps ID serial attacks

USA Today

Police believe Elias Abuelazam's stabbing spree started in late May when he killed a 31-year-old on a dark street in Flint, Mich., but Flint police did not begin discussing the possibility of a serial killer until late July, when the area had six stabbings over six straight nights.

In New Orleans, an unprecedented push for police reform

LA Times

Since Hurricane Katrina, officers have been accused of misconduct, brutality and murder. The city asked Washington for help and got a massive team of experts. But change takes time.

Police: Most illegal marijuana dispensaries have vanished since June law

Torrance Daily Breeze

Although they lack hard numbers, law enforcement officials say many of the 600-plus illegal medical marijuana dispensaries that dotted the Los Angeles landscape have disappeared since the city ordered them closed in June.

LA judge frees thief who got 25 yrs on 3rd strike

Associated Press

After 13 years behind bars for trying to break in to a church kitchen to find something to eat, a man who became an example of the harsh sentences allowed by California's three-strikes law has been ordered released from prison.

13-year-old girl missing; police investigate child's MySpace account


Late Tuesday night the Los Angeles Police Department issued a critical missing bulletin for 13-year-old Karina Valencia of Sylmar.

Bill would push police to move on rape kits

LA Times blog

A bill by Assemblyman Anthony Portantino that would push law enforcement agencies to analyze rape kits in a timely manner must still clear two legislative hurdles before becoming law.

Police seek help in suspected gang shooting in Van Nuys

LA Daily News

Police sought the public's help Monday in finding the killer of a man who was gunned down in a gang-related, car-to-car shootout in Van Nuys.

Cops, Crime, and the Economy

Pajamas Media

Economic recovery on a local scale, whether in Los Angeles, Oakland, or St. Louis, is largely dependent on the willingness of citizens to live and spend money there.

Police looking for good Samaritans

LA Daily News

Although police typically find themselves scanning witness videos for bad guys, on Monday they put out an alert for a couple of heroes.

L.A.'s $26 Million Gang Program Rife with Problems, Investigative Report Finds


Word around city hall is that the Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's office has been concerned with today's release of the Spot.Us report from WitnessLA that digs deep and analyzes the $26 million spent on gang reduction and youth development.

Eagle and Badge Dinner Saturday

LA Daily News

The Los Angeles Police Protective League is staging its annual Eagle and Badge dinner at the Century Plaza Hotel on Saturday.

City officials think LA might fall short of green initiative goals

LA Daily News

The day he was sworn into office in 2005, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa proclaimed his desire to see Los Angeles become "the greenest big city in America."

Deputy lived with bullet in his body, but was killed by leukemia

Whittier Daily News

A phone call in the middle of the night was normal at the Ponce house.

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