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State worker contracts modifying pension benefits get Assembly OK

Sacramento Bee

The Assembly voted 61-4 Thursday to ratify contracts with three state employee bargaining units that include some modifications to pension benefits – agreements that the Schwarzenegger administration worked out with the affected unions.

In Oakland, private force may be hired for security

The Bay Citizen

In a basement office that serves as a police headquarters and community center, Oakland Chinatown leaders pored over maps of the neighborhood with representatives from a private security firm last week.

More receiving top secret clearance from FBI for terrorism cases

USA Today

More state and local law enforcement officers are getting top-secret clearances from the FBI to access sensitive federal information in terrorism cases than at anytime since the Sept. 11 attacks, a USA TODAY review of bureau records shows.

L.A. firefighters say lives are in danger due to staff cuts

LA Daily News

Los Angeles firefighters on Friday said lives were in danger because of staffing cuts - a claim that sparked accusations from a city councilman that they were exaggerating to foment public fear.

LAPD warns of possible serial rapist on skid row

LA Times

Police say two women have been sexually assaulted in the last two weeks by a middle-age man driving a van.

Border security bill passed; headed to Obama

Orange County Register

In a rare move the Senate came back into session for less than an hour on Thursday so one senator could take the floor and get the $600 million border security bill passed and sent to President Barack Obama, who is expected to sign it.

State risks $2 billion in unpaid bills if budget stalemate continues

LA Times blog

State Controller John Chiang says more than $2 billion in state bills will go unpaid if lawmakers do not reach a budget accord by the end of August.

L.A. murder suspect is arrested in Eagan, Minn.

Minneapolis Star Tribune

Newlywed is accused of shooting his wife in the eye.

Calif. borrows from budget to build new death row

Associated Press

Despite California's $19 billion budget deficit, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's administration said Wednesday it will borrow nearly $65 million from the state's cash-strapped general fund to begin building a new 1,152-bed death row at San Quentin State Prison.

Fine-tuning the LAPD

LA Times

The bad old days of the Los Angeles Police Department are mostly behind us.

Gang-intervention worker turns grief into motivation

LA Times

After prison, two former shot-callers got a second chance in life and used it to show at-risk teens a better way. When Looney was killed in the streets, the students helped T-Top mourn, and move on.

Pitfalls for police officers on Facebook


There is increased frequency with which officers are being disciplined or finding themselves at the wrong end of a department policy based on their use (or misuse) of electronic media.

Personal income falls in Los Angeles area

LA Times blog

Thanks to the sagging stock market and the dearth of jobs in the state, many Californians have a little less in their pocketbooks than they did a few years ago.

Police, fire unions sue Hermosa Beach over retirement benefits reductions

Torrance Daily Breeze

Unions representing first responders in Hermosa Beach have filed a lawsuit against the city, claiming a recent decision approving reductions to retirement benefits is a violation of state law.

Bell launches search for new police chief

LA Times blog

The city of Bell is looking for a new police chief, a position that has been vacant since the city’s top cop resigned last month amid revelations that he was being paid an annual salary of $457,000.

Baby saved by quick-thinking LAPD officers reunites with Capt. Paul Hernandez 28 years later

LA Weekly blog

A Los Angeles police officer who helped to save a newborn's life near Koreatown 28 years ago was scheduled Wednesday morning to reunite with the now-grown person.

LAPD tactics in wild pursuit are under review

LA Times blog

The chaotic, potentially dangerous ending to a high-speed car chase last week has raised questions among high-ranking Los Angeles Police Department officials over the tactics and force several officers used to apprehend the driver.

Californians' income falls for first time since WWII

Sacramento Bee

Government statisticians have put a number on Californians' paycheck pain last year: about $40 billion.

On the Streets with the LAPD


In an era of steep budget cuts, police officers' work just gets harder.

Governor gets bill to keep cell phones from inmates

Sacramento Bee

The Senate voted 34-0 Monday to send Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger a bill that would make it illegal to smuggle a cell phone to a state prison inmate or to possess one while in prison.

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