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Mystery surrounds Villaraigosa's duties at free-ticket events

LA Times

The L.A. mayor says he performed public duties at dozens of concerts, sporting events and awards shows that he attended free. But finding the records that show what those duties were has become problematic.

Obama administration announces new border security measures

Washington Post

The Obama administration announced Wednesday that it will station an aerial drone in Texas as part of its stepped-up surveillance of criminal trafficking along the Mexican border.

L.A.'s red-light camera program exempted from Arizona boycott

LA Times

The City Council temporarily spares the program, operated by a Scottsdale-based company. But not everyone is convinced that it's worth keeping.

S.F. Police union ratifies concessions deal

San Francisco Chronicle

The San Francisco Police Officers Association has ratified a package of cost-cutting labor concessions, with members voting 64 percent in favor, union president Gary Delagnes said today.

Memo: Schwarzenegger ready to slash workers to minimum wage

LA Times blog

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger plans to cut the pay of state workers to minimum wage if a timely budget accord is not reached, according to a memo sent Wednesday from the director of the governor's Department of Personnel Administration to state agency and department heads.

Santa Ana eliminates police overtime

Orange County Register

Police working in some of Orange County's most difficult and dangerous neighborhoods have had their overtime pay cut to nothing as the city strains to make ends meet.

L.A. to install 130 cameras in housing projects


The city of Los Angeles is adding more than 100 surveillance cameras in four public housing projects.

Injunction targets MTA tagging crew


Investigators say "Metro Transit Assassins," also known as "MTA" is an elite tagging crew with only ten members.

Rolling back pension costs: how far will it go?


The Highway Patrol union that negotiated the most generous pension formula a decade ago, a trendsetter for police and firefighters statewide, has tentatively agreed to reduce pensions for new hires.

Maywood to hire others to run the city

LA Times

The L.A. County community, facing a $450,000 budget deficit, plans to lay off its employees, disband its Police Department and contract its operations to the Sheriff's Department and the neighboring city of Bell. Experts say it is the only city in the state to take such drastic action.

Miranda rights may complicate SB 1070 enforcement

Arizona Republic

As the effective date of Arizona's new immigration law nears, new concerns are being raised by municipal officials about how to effectively enforce it without creating a legal and financial quagmire.

Second investigation opens into mayor's free tickets

LA Times

D.A.'s Public Integrity Division joins the city's Ethics Commission in looking into whether Villaraigosa's unpaid attendance at sports and entertainment events should have been disclosed.

California Highway Patrol officer died two weeks after being struck by vehicle on the shoulder of the 405 Freeway


The 28-year CHP veteran was struck June 9 during a traffic stop on the shoulder of the 405 Freeway.

L.A. City Council delays exempting red-light camera contract from Arizona boycott

LA Times blog

Consideration of a proposed exemption from Los Angeles’ boycott of Arizona to allow continuation of the city’s red light camera program has been postponed until Wednesday.

Mexican drug cartel threatens to harm U.S. police officers who bust drug shipments while off-duty

NY Daily News

Mexican cartels added a new twist to the drug war this week by threatening to kill U.S. cops who seize their goods.

65,000 Angelenos can't be wrong

LA Times

L.A. loves the Lakers, and city leaders should take note.

Red light camera pact would need exemption from Arizona boycott

LA Times

LAPD seeks to extend its agreement with American Traffic Solutions. A new contract with another Arizona-based firm is also in consideration.

State employees are not the budget culprits

LA Times

Until the state deals with the real causes of fiscal fiasco, prepare for more misery.

In California, license plates might go electronic

Associated Press

As electronic highway billboards flashing neon advertisements become more prevalent, the next frontier in distracted driving is already approaching - ad-blaring license plates.

Governor demands 2-tier pension plan

Inland Valley Daily Bulletin

Pension reform hinges on Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's promise that he'll veto any budget proposal that does not include "two-tier" retirement benefits, according to Republican lawmakers.

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