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Mystery man who escaped from LAPD gets a menu of new charges

LA Weekly

The mysterious man who eluded authorities this spring after they visited his downtown residence only to find an alleged counterfeiting operation was charged Thursday with an additional seven felonies, including drug sales and forgery, authorities said.

LAPPL Blog - LAPD puts politics over public safety


Apparently, symbolism instead of public safety is going to be the guiding principle for the City of Los Angeles and the Los Angeles Police Department.

LAPD cancels training trip to Arizona out of 'respect' for council's boycott

LA Times

In a move that has angered police union leaders, Los Angeles Police Department officials decided Thursday that four officers who were scheduled to attend a conference and training session in Tucson next month will not go after all.

L.A. council panel investigates DWP threat to withhold money amid budget crisis

LA Times

One week after Los Angeles City Controller Wendy Greuel accused the Department of Water and Power of misleading the public about its financial situation, a panel of the Los Angeles City Council is demanding to know who will be disciplined over the incident.

Four state-worker unions reach accord with administration

Capitol Weekly

Four state-employee bargaining units representing 23,000 workers have reached tentative agreements with the Schwarzenegger administration on new labor contracts.

L.A. officials move forward with plans to cut 278 workers

LA Times

The city's employee negotiating committee announced that pink slips would go out July 1 after talks with unions failed to reach a deal on concessions.

Most Americans back new Arizona law, Washington Post-ABC News poll finds

Washington Post

Most Americans support the new, controversial Arizona law that gives police there the power to check the residency status of suspected illegal immigrants.

LAPD ready for Lakers victory craziness

LA Times

If the home team wins another NBA championship and fans start to go out of control, officials say they'll have plenty of personnel strategically placed to handle things.

Aid to California at risk if Senate bill fails

Sacramento Bee

The U.S. Senate is poised to vote as early as today on a spending plan that would send $1.8 billion to California for increased Medicaid funding, money that Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger says the state desperately needs to help balance its budget.

Decision on sending L.A. officers to Arizona event delayed

LA Times

Some council members want four cops to attend a Border Patrol conference in Tucson. Others don't want to break the partial boycott of the state.

Chief Beck urges moderation

LA Weekly

Los Angeles police Chief Charlie Beck took the unusual step of addressing "employee wellness" and drinking and DUI problems within the Los Angeles Police Department in a statement posted at the LAPD's blog this week.

U.S. Senate defeats state aid package

Sacramento Bee blog

California's bid to get Congress to chip in $1.8 billion to help close the state's budget gap is all but dead.

LA officials decry cuts to drug treatment program

Associated Press

Los Angeles County's top law officials are speaking out against Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's proposal to eliminate state funding for treating heroin addicts.

Tagging crew that rampaged after Lakers' 2009 NBA title win targeted in crackdown

LA Times blog

Nearly a dozen Southern California law enforcement agencies arrested members of a tagging crew Wednesday believed responsible for hundreds of thousands of dollars in property damage over the last year, including during the Lakers' 2009 victory celebration.

CalPERS set to approve state contribution hike

Sacramento Bee

CalPERS today will likely approve a $600 million increase in state contributions to the beleaguered pension fund.

Oakland will prepare to issue pink slips to 200 police

Oakland Tribune

City officials will make preparations to issue pink slips to 200 police officers who could be out of a job by mid-July.

California prison case goes to Supreme Court

LA Times

Agreeing to hear an appeal from Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, the U.S. Supreme Court said Monday it will decide whether the state can be forced to release 46,000 inmates — more than one-fourth of its prison population — to relieve overcrowding.

Public-safety pension measure heading to voters

Riverside Press-Enterprise

Riverside County supervisors Tuesday voted to place a union-backed measure to protect public-safety pensions on the November ballot.

Prosecutors charge two men with murder in killing of girl during police pursuit

LA Times blog

Prosecutors charged two men with multiple felonies, including murder, in connection with a police pursuit that ended in the death of a 6-year-old girl who was pinned against a wall while playing outdoors in her Lake View Terrace neighborhood.

Charges filed in 1983 sexual assault, slaying of 8-year-old girl

LA Times

The Los Angeles Police Department on Tuesday announced that detectives had issued an arrest warrant in the 1983 abduction and slaying of an 8-year-old girl in Watts.

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