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Cooley says online pot sales, deliveries illegal

Associated Press

Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley says delivery of medical marijuana and selling the drug online are illegal.

Murder rate continues to trend upward

LA Weekly

The murder rate in the city of Los Angeles continued to trend up in June, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

LA cop charged with selling meth in San Diego County

San Diego Union-Tribune

A Los Angeles police officer will be prosecuted in San Diego federal court on charges of selling 111.2 grams of methamphetamine at an Escondido mall, prosecutors said Wednesday.

Mayor warns of texting, driving

LA Daily News

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa on Monday joined the growing chorus warning against texting while driving, although he has a driver who chauffeurs him around the city.

Dispensaries quietly close as L.A. ordinance takes effect

LA Times

The city's long-awaited regulation is forcing more than 400 medical marijuana outlets to close, and many others to relocate. City attorney is relying on police and residents to report noncompliance.

Lawmakers seek to crack down on prepaid cell phones that abet criminal and terror suspects

Associated Press

Alarmed by the use of hard-to-track prepaid cell phones by terror suspects, New York Sen. Chuck Schumer and Texas Sen. John Cornyn have introduced legislation requiring consumers to produce identification before buying such phones.

$500K reward reinstated in 'Grim Sleeper' case

LA Wave

A reward of up to $500,000 was reinstated Tuesday for information leading to the capture of the "Grim Sleeper,'' who has been linked to 11 murders, mostly in South Los Angeles, over the last 25 years.

Jailed illegal immigrants pose policy dilemma

LA Times

A U.S. program to check the immigration status of everyone booked into jail runs into local rules against such actions.

400 marijuana dispensaries to close in Los Angeles


Los Angeles is home to hundreds of medical marijuana dispensaries, but concern over their proliferation has provoked a backlash. Police are cracking down on most of them starting Monday.

LAPD, airport police discuss 911 call situation at LAX

Torrance Daily Breeze

Los Angeles International Airport's police department lacks the necessary equipment and recognition from state and local authorities to properly handle 911 calls placed from terminals, airport Police Chief George Centeno acknowledged Monday.

SoCal cities mull police merger for insurance

Associated Press

Small city outside Los Angeles is considering merging its police force with a neighboring city under scrutiny for officer-involved shootings.

For California public workers, it's more give than take


Smaller paychecks beat reams of pink slips, California public employee unions are concluding in contract talks with local governments facing budget gaps requiring deep spending cuts.

CHP warning drivers about snipers on Inland Empire freeways

LA Times

The California Highway Patrol is warning motorists along freeways in Riverside and San Bernardino counties to be cautious in the wake of dozens of instances in which someone fired projectiles, possibly pellets or BBs, at moving vehicles, shattering windows and drivers' nerves.

San Carlos considers dismantling its police department


The City of San Carlos has a novel solution to help fix its $3.5 million budget shortfall. It's considering contracting out police, park and fire services.

Carmen Trutanich seeking more power

LA Daily News

There is something about the relationship between City Attorney Carmen Trutanich and most City Council members that makes you wonder if they'll ever get along.

Probation Department cuts curtail key Sacramento court reports

Sacramento Bee

The courtroom was full and the convicted killer told the judge he was ready to be sentenced.

Denver's surveillance system draws praise, concerns

Denver Post

High-tech video cameras installed throughout the city captured images from about 300 crimes in the past 18 months and helped Denver police make about 80 arrests, authorities say.

GPS monitors placed on paroled gang members

Pasadena Star-News

The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation has begun fitting paroled gang members with GPS monitors to better keep track of criminals considered to be among the worst of the worst.

Airport police seek more cooperation from LAPD

LA Times

The L.A. City Council's public safety committee will discuss ways to improve coordination between officers. LAX has been cited as a top potential target for terrorists.

Area plans Wednesday tribute to Officer Louie Pompei who died 15 years ago fighting crime

San Gabriel Valley Tribune

Louis Pompei died as he lived: protecting the public and serving victims of crimes.

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