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Remarks by the President at Ceremony Honoring TOP COPS

It is my privilege to welcome the TOP COPS back to the White House -– men and women who stand as shining examples of the bravery, persistence and good judgment that so many members of our law enforcement community display each and every day.

New Yorker invites CalPERS back into a failed investment

Sacramento Bee

After losing $500 million on a controversial New York real estate deal, CalPERS is being asked to put more money into the same property.

Los Angeles mayor to seek voter approval for pension changes


Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa said he’ll ask voters in the second-largest U.S. city by population to decide whether new police and firefighters should get lower pension benefits than existing employees.

Schwarzenegger lays out bleak California budget

Associated Press

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on Friday called for eliminating California's welfare-to-work program, one of the deep cuts he proposed to close a $19 billion budget deficit in the coming fiscal year.

Letter to the Editor

LA Times

LAPD officers working three 12-hour shifts work 156 hours per 28-day deployment period. Officers working eight-hour shifts work 152 hours per deployment period — four hours fewer per period when factoring in the holidays.

Homicides in L.A. up, LAPD union 'uneasy' about summer crime

LA Weekly

The number of homicides in the city of Los Angeles is up more than three percent compared to the same time last year, and the union that represents Los Angeles police expressed that it is "uneasy" as the budget-strapped city's cuts to Los Angeles Police Department overtime have hampered efforts to keep L.A. streets fully patrolled.

L.A. council bans most official travel to Arizona

LA Times

Members, arguing that the new immigration law could lead to racial profiling, also vote to bar future city contracts with companies in that state.

Food-stamps-for-felons bill draws DeVore's ire

Contra Costa Times

An East Bay Assemblyman’s bill to let drug felons get food stamps after their release from prison passed the Assembly floor today, but not without taking some heat from a lawmaker seeking higher office.

Denver police lawsuit over getting paid to get dressed can proceed

Denver Post

A lawsuit over whether Denver police are being properly compensated, including a dispute over whether they should be paid for the time it takes to dress for work, can move forward to trial, a federal judge has ruled.

Traffic cameras divide nation's drivers

USA Today

Along the USA's streets and highways, one issue mirrors the nation's partisan divide: using cameras to catch drivers who speed or run red lights.

Former cop to race across America on hand cycle


She has completed marathon-length races in Boston and Los Angeles on her hand cycle and now plans to race across the continent in June.

Wanted: Technology to curb mobile phone use in prison


The campaign to rid our nation's prisons of cell phones went to the next level on Wednesday, with a call from the Department of Commerce for intel on devices that can get the situation under control.

State CalPERS cost $3.9 billion, up $600 million


The state contribution to CalPERS should increase to $3.9 billion in the new fiscal year beginning July 1, up $600 million from the current year, actuaries for the giant public pension fund calculate.

Ford holds tight to police market

Detroit News

Automaker's new offerings cater to cops' needs, wants

County readies for drastic cuts

LA Daily News

Los Angeles County officials should prepare for even more drastic budget cuts next year than they had expected after Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger releases his revised state budget Friday, county CEO Bill Fujioka said Wednesday.

State budget woes grow deeper as rosy projections come up short

Sacramento Bee

Washington hasn't come to the rescue. Hopes for a tax windfall were dashed last month.

Illegal Immigrants and the Arizona Law

National Review

Anyone who knows how the police actually work would not be afraid of the Arizona law.

Faulty metal detectors at L.A. County jail put deputies at risk, sheriff's officials say

LA Times

Of seven scanners at the facility in downtown Los Angeles, which houses about 4,000 inmates, many aren't operational, the jail's chief says. But an agency spokesman says security hasn't been compromised.

Four cities report more murders in 2010

USA Today

Crime is dropping throughout much of the country, but statistics show that one category of violence is bucking the trend: murder.

L.A. layoffs could cost the city more than $32 million

LA Times

Under contracts negotiated last year, layoffs would trigger two raises in the coming fiscal year for union coalition workers.

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