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San Diego sues pension system

San Diego Union-Tribune

Workers may help pay for investment losses

New York bomb suspect says he acted alone


The Pakistani-American suspect arrested on suspicion of trying to detonate a car bomb in New York's Times Square told investigators he acted alone and denied any ties to radical groups in his native Pakistan, a U.S. law enforcement official familiar with the investigation said on Tuesday.

DWP releases $73M payment

LA Daily News

A months-long dispute between the City Council and the Department of Water and Power ended Tuesday when the utility agreed to release $73.5 million that it had withheld during the battle over power rates.

Northeast L.A. sees a spike in crime

LA Weekly blog

As the Los Angeles Police Department struggles to maintain its staffing numbers amid a historic city budget crisis, Councilman Tom LaBonge on Tuesday pointed to a spike in crime in some of the Northeast Los Angeles communities he represents.

Homicide Report: 11 killings last week in Los Angeles County, two double homicides

LA Times blog

Coroner's officials reported 11 killings in Los Angeles County between April 26 and May 2, bringing the year-to-date total to 222, according to data collected for the Times' Homicide Report database.

Van Nuys police officers honored

LA Daily News

Kelley Warren was 2 years old when her father, an officer in the Los Angeles Police Department's Van Nuys Division, was killed on May 8, 1967.

LAPD investigating bomb threat made Monday to Villaraigosa's office

LA Times blog

The Los Angeles Police Department is investigating a bomb threat made to the office of Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa on Monday, just days after the nation was put on edge with a failed car-bomb attack in New York’s Time Square.

Government pay lower than private sector?


State and local government workers earn less than comparable workers in the private sector, a new study by two economics professors finds, even when pension and other benefits are included.

Audit: 3 LA city departments can't account for nearly $1M in equipment

LA Daily News

Three Los Angeles municipal departments are unable to account for about a quarter of their equipment - merchandise valued at nearly $1 million - pointing to a worrisome lack of inventory control, an audit released Monday found.

Times Square car bomb: Could Los Angeles be next?

Patterico's Pontifications

An editorial in today’s Wall Street Journal (subscription required) calls for more aggressive tactics in interdicting terrorists plots, the most recent of which failed to achieve its lethal aims when the Times Square car bomb failed to explode:

Poll shows most in U.S. want overhaul of immigration laws

NY Times

The overwhelming majority of Americans think the country’s immigration policies need to be seriously overhauled.

Man charged with possession of improvised firearm similar to one used in Hemet police attack

LA Times blog

A man suspected of being a white supremacist gang member has been charged with possession of an improvised firearm similar to that used to booby-trap the front gate of the Hemet-San Jacinto Valley Gang Task Force in February.

Distracted drivers, he's got just the ticket for you

LA Times

Los Angeles Police Officer Kamaron Sardar's mission is to get the message across to distracted drivers that there are no good excuses for breaking this law.

L.A. cops beef up patrols at studios in wake of Times Square bomb

LA Times blog

Los Angeles-area law-enforcement officials said that in the wake of Saturday's attempted bombing in New York, police had stepped up patrols around entertainment studios.

Parolees rounded up for more supervision

San Diego Union-Tribune

Department says excusing them to nonrevocable status was not a mistake.

Minn. officer killed in ambush, sets off manhunt

Associated Press

A suburban St. Paul police officer was killed during an ambush Saturday morning, setting off a massive manhunt that ended with one suspect dead and another in custody, authorities said.

LAPD relies on community through iWatchLA


The Los Angeles Police Department says a key part of their preparedness against terrorism is community involvement through the iWatchLA program.

L.A.'s May Day immigration rally is nation's largest

LA Times

As many as 60,000 immigrants and their supporters join a peaceful but boisterous march through downtown to City Hall, waving flags and holding signs blasting the new immigration law in Arizona.

California can't ditch prison medical receiver, court says

Sacramento Bee

A federal appellate court on Friday rejected the Schwarzenegger administration's attempt to rid itself of the court-appointed receiver charged with bringing prison medical care up to a constitutional standard.

It was a routine call

Lexington Herald-Leader

It was among the most routine of calls — a complaint about a parked car playing loud music late at night.

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