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Federal sweep finds illegal immigrants with prior criminal convictions

LA Times

A three-day sweep in the southeastern U.S. results in 596 arrests.

California revises execution guidelines

LA Times

Officials address concerns that the three-drug procedure may have constituted cruel and unusual punishment. Challenges may block executions for months or years.

California lawmakers act to repeal early-release law

LA Times

The state Senate voted unanimously to roll back the program after lawmakers expressed concerns about its possible effect on public safety. The legislation now moves to the Assembly.

California's monitoring of sex offenders needs fixes, report finds

LA Times blog

California should improve its monitoring of sex offenders, rethink restrictions on where they live and find a better way to evaluate their likelihood of committing new crimes, according to a state panel that investigated the case of an ex-con who pleaded guilty to killing two San Diego County teenagers.

Chief Beck: L.A. won't be guided by Arizona immigration rules

LA Times

Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck went out of his way to make clear that his officers are guided by a different set of rules than the controversial state law recently passed in neighboring Arizona.

Arizona immigration law has roots in California border turmoil

California Watch

Turbulent events in California nearly two decades ago have helped create the conditions for the current backlash against illegal immigrants in Arizona.

Steve Cooley in Republican race for state attorney general

LA Times

His GOP opponents are wrong in criticizing L.A. County Dist. Atty. Steve Cooley's approach to prosecuting criminals under California's three-strikes law.

Let's remember this other side of Daryl Gates

LA Observed

Probably no other police chief stood up for LAPD officers quite like Daryl Gates.

The politics and perils of public pensions

LA Times

The dispute over California public employee payouts is growing. Republicans blame Democrats, who see the problem but fear alienating labor.

Thousands mourn ‘the Chief’

LA Times

A large downtown procession accompanies the body of former LAPD Chief Daryl F. Gates to the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels for a funeral service.

Childrens' homicides, suicides up in LA County

LA Daily News

Child homicides in Los Angeles County soared 31 percent and suicides jumped 70 percent from 2007 to 2008, a troubling trend that experts say may be a consequence of the economic downturn.

Prostitutes Targeted by Law Enforcement

Valley Star

According to the Los Angeles Police Department, there are 36 known prostitution operations in the San Fernando Valley.

Arizona immigration law reshaping the push for reform

LA Times

Obama calls the state's actions a wake-up call for the federal government to overhaul the immigration system. White House officials fear a patchwork of state laws that don't address core problems.

Eulogy for a chief: 'The Los Angeles Police Department was Daryl Gates,' says successor Charlie Beck

LA Times blog

Inside the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, LAPD Chief Charlie Beck paid tribute Tuesday to his deceased predecessor, Daryl F. Gates, the 49th chief of the Police Department.

Slain Nevada deputy was just back from Afghanistan

Associated Press

Ian Deutch survived a recent tour of duty in Afghanistan, identifying Taliban targets for artillery strikes. But he didn't make it through his second day back on the job as a rural Nevada sheriff's deputy.

L.A. Animal Services faces $1.8-million budget cut

LA Times

No doubt many Los Angeles city agency managers have written letters to council members beseeching them to spare their departments deep cuts during this budget crisis.

Panel rejects Villaraigosa's spending plan for the city

LA Daily News

Questioning the revenue projections in Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's proposed $6.7 billion budget, a city panel on Tuesday rejected the spending plan and asked for more details.

Continuing her strong push

LA Times

Nearly four years after being shot three times by a suspect, ex-LAPD Officer Kristina Ripatti is making maximum use of a part of her body that had not been left paralyzed: her arms.

Controversy over Rodney King beating and L.A. riots reignites

Pajamas Media

My most recent column here on Pajamas Media concerned former Los Angeles Police Department Chief Daryl Gates, more specifically the editorial published in the Los Angeles Times on the occasion of his death last Friday.

Unions get head start in taking on Meg Whitman

LA Times blog

Labor unions have long accounted for the Democratic Party's ground troops in political campaigns.

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