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ICE busts massive human smuggling ring that stretches length of U.S.

FOX News

More than 800 law enforcement agents swooped down on a massive human smuggling ring in Arizona early Thursday morning, delivering a "stunning blow" to a criminal network that helped shuttled illegal immigrants all around the country.

Audit: Calif. wasted millions on drugs for inmates

Assoicated Press

A report says California wasted at least $13 million last year through inefficiencies in the way it delivers drugs to prison inmates.

Unions seeking more power over local governments

Sacramento Bee

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's threat to shut down city government two days a week because of a looming shortage of cash fizzled when city officials suddenly discovered an additional $30 million in property taxes.

LA council OKs hiring 90 cops to replace retirees

Associated Press

The Los Angeles City Council has approved hiring 90 new police officers now in the police academy in order to maintain the force at its current staffing level.

LAPD officer killed in Afghanistan is honored in somber memorial

LA Times

SWAT Officer Robert J. Cottle was on Marine Reserve duty when he died March 24 in an explosion. He was awarded a Purple Heart and a Bronze Star in services at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels.

LA mayor urged to stop white supremacist meeting

Associated Press

Community activists and civil rights groups are urging the mayor of Los Angeles to revoke a permit allowing a white supremacist group to hold a weekend demonstration at City Hall.

Calif. returns 656 parolees to active supervision

Associated Press

California is changing how it applies a new law allowing some parolees to go unmonitored after their release from prison, and will return 656 of the parolees to active supervision after learning they are at high risk of committing new crimes, prison officials said Wednesday.

Prison industries maintain monopoly even in tough times

Sacramento Bee

California prisoners, unlike law-abiding citizens, have a guaranteed market for the products they make behind bars: State agencies are required by law to buy them even if private workers can make them cheaper or better.

Thousands expected to mourn fallen LAPD officer Tuesday; downtown traffic will be affected

LA Times blog

Thousands are expected to converge on downtown Los Angeles early Tuesday to honor LAPD Officer Robert J. Cottle, killed March 24 in Afghanistan while on Marine Reserve duty.

ICE officers using program to control criminal immigrants

Inland Valley Daily Bulletin

The San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department and federal immigration authorities have another tool to keep dangerous criminal immigrants off the streets. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers on Tuesday began using information-sharing technology that modernizes the process to accurately identify immigrants arrested for crimes in this country.

Arizona passes strict illegal immigration act

LA Times

The bill directs police to determine the immigration status of noncriminals if there is a 'reasonable suspicion' they are undocumented. Immigrant rights groups say it amounts to a police state.

Hemet City Council approves measure to "harden" buildings after attacks against police

LA Times blog

The Hemet City Council approved an emergency measure Tuesday to fortify city buildings in response to a series of attacks against police officers in recent weeks.

Richard Drooyan appointed to L.A. Police Commission

LA Daily News

A former counsel for the panel that investigated the infamous 1991 Rodney King beating became the newest member of the Los Angeles Police Commission today.

LAPD Front Desks Could Be Abandoned At Night To Save Money

LA Weekly blog

It's a dark and breezy night. A stranger follows you, echoes of his footsteps mingling with far off traffic. A driver passes but doesn't stop to help. At last, an oasis: You duck into a brightly lit Los Angeles Police Department station for safety. Alas, there's no one there. The front desk is unmanned.

L.A. County to launch scaled-down effort to combat gang violence

LA Times

The 15-month pilot program will target 100 youths under the custody of the Probation Department. It will attempt to prevent them from sliding into gangs once they return home.

Fuzzy math and public pension hysteria

LA Times Commentary

Recent studies about CalPERS' impending doom should not be trusted.

L.A. preparing for nuclear attack

LA Daily News

As world leaders gathered Monday in Washington, D.C., to discuss the threat of nuclear terrorism, local officials said they are gearing up for an exercise in June that simulates the detonation of a 10-kiloton nuclear device in Los Angeles.

Court rejects call for fair wages for prisoners

San Francisco Chronicle

After renowned attorney J. Tony Serra spent nine months in a federal prison camp for not paying his taxes, he calculated how much he was paid for watering the camp gardens - 19 cents an hour - and thought it might violate a U.N. standard that says inmates should get fair wages.

Critics say new California parole policy is costly, dangerous

Sacramento Bee

On a Wednesday morning last month, Nicole Clements walked into her Sacramento parole agent's office about 9:40 and signed a one-page document.

Legislation would tighten parole rules

San Diego Union-Tribune

Aware of the challenge but committed to their cause, Kelly and Brent King on Monday launched the campaign to pass “Chelsea’s Law.”

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