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Study: Cutting public safety funding is dangerous

American City and Country

A new study by the RAND Corp. indicates that reducing police personnel invites financial and social harm, according to the Los Angeles Police Protective League (LAPPL).

Battle looms over Obama nominee to 9th District Court

Sacramento Bee

Goodwin Liu couldn't speak English until kindergarten, but he went on to become co-valedictorian at Rio Americano High School in Sacramento, a Rhodes Scholar and a law professor at the University of California, Berkeley.

Top court upholds post-trial law for inmates

San Francisco Chronicle

The state Supreme Court upheld a law Thursday that allows a Death Row inmate from Contra Costa County, and others sentenced to death or life without parole, to seek post-trial evidence from prosecutors that might assist their appeals.

Danny Galindo dies at 88; LAPD detective in Tate-LaBianca murder cases

LA Times

He was the first detective to arrive at the scene of the LaBianca slayings and conducted a detailed search, according to the book 'Helter Skelter.'

Tenderloin Crackdown Sparks Backlash

Wall Street Journal

Aggressive Tactics by New Police Chief Appear to Stem Rise in Crime, but Draw Complaints About Crowded Courts, Jails

L.A. Cops Doing Civilian Work As Budget Cuts Shrink Force

LA Weekly blog

More and more L.A. cops are being shifted to desk jobs as budget cuts have slashed Los Angeles Police Department's civilian ranks by nearly 1,000, according to the union representing Los Angeles police.

Report pans parole oversight of Calif sex offender


Parole officers should have done a better job watching a paroled California sex offender, but closer scrutiny may not have stopped the murder of one teenage girl and the assault of another woman, a draft report released Thursday said.

City Budget Crisis

City News

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa said today an unexpected increase in revenue has alleviated what he perceived as a need to shut down parks, libraries and other city agencies two days a week.

Drive to limit unions’ political efforts abandoned

Orange County Register

A proposed ballot measure that would limit public employee unions’ ability to collect dues for political purposes has been abandoned because sponsors saw they’d be unable to gather enough petition signatures by the deadline, co-author Mark Bucher of Tustin said today.

City finds $30 million revenue windfall

LA Daily News

Saying they can avert a partial shutdown of Los Angeles government, city officials announced Thursday they had found an additional $30 million in revenue and savings to help pay their bills through the next two months.

L.A.'s financial quagmire

LA Times Editorial

The city is in deep trouble, and the mayor and the Department of Water and Power are to blame.

Injunction would bar gang members from Skid Row


Authorities unveiled a tough new legal tactic Wednesday aimed at keeping gang members — and the drugs they sell — off the streets of Skid Row.

DWP money sparks showdown in L.A.

LA Daily News

Flexing its muscles in an escalating City Hall budget battle, the City Council moved Wednesday to block Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's city shutdown plan and to seize control over the Department of Water and Power.

Monrovia Good Samaritan tries to save dog, is shot; four arrested

Pasadena Star-News

The bullet still lodged in his leg, John Gibbs recounted Wednesday what happened when he tried to stop a man from driving off with an elderly couple's Pomeranian.

LAPD investigating three officer-involved shootings

LA Times blog

Los Angeles police are investigating three officer-involved shootings in the last three days during which suspects were wounded or nearly wounded.

A grim assessment of L.A.'s finances

LA Times

City Controller Wendy Greuel declares an 'urgent financial crisis' and says the only way to continue paying bills in the short term is to begin draining the city's already limited emergency reserve.

Villaraigosa calls for shutting down some city departments amid budget crisis

LA Times blog

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa called Tuesday for all city agencies -- except for police, other public safety and revenue-generating departments -- to close for two days a week starting April 12 because of the city's continuing budget crisis.

L.A. Police Union Ties Cutbacks In Cops To Rash Of Murders

LA Weekly blog

The union representing Los Angeles police on Tuesday tied the budget-induced decreases in the number of cops on the city's streets to a rash of homicides in March and early April.

Violent parolees go unsupervised under Calif. law


More than 250 state prison inmates freed without supervised parole under a new California law were convicted of crimes considered violent or threatening, according to prison records obtained as part of an inquiry by state lawmakers. A handful are sex offenders.

L.A. homicide numbers keep rising, up 5% compared to same period last year

LA Times blog

The recent increase in the number of killings in Los Angeles continued last week.

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